Stephen Colbert Nails A Problem With Political Correctness That’s A Little Awkward To Talk About

Stephen Colbert obviously recognizes his white privilege. Last night comedian Margaret Cho visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and she shared some interesting thoughts on the increase in discussion around diversity.
Cho shared a story of audience reaction when she told a racist joke at her own expense, helping those listening to recognize their own prejudice. Colbert then came up with his own idea to be up front about his privileged point of view. "If I start a conversation with, Hi, Stephen Colbert, probably a racist. How are you? Is that a good way to start a conversation?" he asked Cho. Cho thought so, adding, "What's really annoying is nobody really cared about race until white people got involved, and now all we talk about is race." Cho made a great point — discussions about race and diversity have to be led by people of color. White allies should be ready to show their support, and more importantly, they should listen and be willing to change.

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