Carey Mulligan Hatches A Plan In This Exclusive Suffragette Clip

Suffragette shows how far British women in the early 20th century went to get the right to vote. In this exclusive clip from the film, which is expanding its release throughout November, the heroine, Maud (Carey Mulligan), and her compatriots plot how to bring attention to their cause. Maud, who works at a laundry, is drawn deeper into the movement and becomes an ardent advocate over the course of the film. "We take it straight to the King," she says, urging her fellow suffragettes to "do something he can't ignore." And that they do. Emily Wilding Davison (Natalie Press) — who, unlike Maud, is based on a historical figure — points out that the King will be attending an upcoming derby. Historical spoiler: Davison's presence at said derby is significant. The women plan to "raise our flag in front of the world's cameras," as Helena Bonham Carter's character declares.
In an earlier interview with Refinery29, Mulligan explained how Suffragette highlights these women's amazing work, which has been "forgotten, in a way." She added that "it’s going to be surprising to a lot of people, actually, what women went through in our country."
The debut of this clip marks the third day of the "Suffragette 19" campaign, an ongoing initiative named after the 19th Amendment.

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