We’ve Been Peeling Potatoes Wrong Our Entire Lives

Until today, we thought there was only one way to peel potatoes — painstakingly, and with a peeler. But, oh, how we were wrong. As it turns out, peeling potatoes with a peeler is actually the slowest possible way to do it. We know it sounds crazy, but we're guessing you'll be as shocked as we were after watching the above video. (Unless we're the only ones who didn't already know this trick — in which case, why didn't you tell us?!) Instead of peeling the skin off strip by strip, this trick only requires one knife cut, all the way around the center of the potatoes. Then, you boil them. And when you take them out of the water, something magical happens: With a little gentle maneuvering, the skin slips right off, in two full pieces. Not only is this method super-simple and a massive time-saver, but you won't be wasting any of the inner part of the potato. Making our all-time favorite comfort food just got so much easier. (Laughing Squid)

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