16 Celebrities Who Starred In Cheesy Scary Movies Before They Were Famous

It’s that time of year, friends: We’re planning our costumes, counting down to Halloween, and remembering the celebrities who’ve appeared in the horror movies we’ve long forgotten about. (Which are only a few of the reasons why October’s so majestic.)

It’s true. More than a few of our favorite current A-listers made their mark on the B-list horror circuit, fending off (or dying at the hands of) villains like Freddy Krueger, obsessive roommates, and/or Jason Voorhees — to name a few. Which, of course, gives us all hope. Because if the likes of Jennifer Lawrence can step into two relatively unheard of roles and still eventually come out an Oscar winner, our own starter gigs might also take us to places the likes of which we’ve never dreamed. (Because stars are just like us.)

So here’s to our favorite actors who once found themselves in the fictional path of death and destruction. May we be eternally grateful to them for helping establish this list as the official syllabus for any/all Halloween movie marathons, and for helping us find the perfect piece to read while cranking Drake’s "Started From the Bottom."

And finally, may we never forget that Beyoncé was in Obsessed.

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