These New Pop-Tarts Flavors Are Insane

Photo courtesy Kellogg's
We all remember the joy when you heard the toaster pop and you knew that mom was about to drop some hot Pop-Tarts onto your plate. Alternatively, nobody wants to remember eating an entire box of Pop-Tarts while standing in front of the pantry in their underwear at 3 AM. The joyful treat of our childhood and the guilty pleasure of our adulthood sticks with us. Every time we walk down the cereal aisle, we wonder if we should grab a box just in case. In case of what, who knows. Now, the classic Pop-Tarts flavors are getting five new brothers and sisters starting in December and lasting through the spring. And you might not expect some of them. Chocolatey Caramel: With a chocolate crust stuffed with caramel, topped with chocolate and caramel icing, these are a surefire hit with anyone that has tastebuds and a heart. Coming in December, just in time for Christmas. Maple Bacon: From a Brooklyn craft cocktail bar to your Pop-Tarts box, Maple Bacon combines the two trendiest flavors of 2015 into an unbeatable flavor combination. Sweet white frosting tops the Pop-Tart and savory chunklets are sprinkled onto that. Damn. Frosted Watermelon: You’re probably like, “Whaaat that should be for the summer!” And Kellogg’s is like, “We’re bringing the summer to December, we’re brightening up your dreary winter with watermelon filling and pink-and-green frosting.” It’s true. Frosted Spring Strawberry: The wait is a little longer — until early next year — but these Pop-Tarts come with a twist: printed cartoons on the frosting. We know, it’s a lot. Just try to breathe. Pink Lemonade: These put the tart in Pop-Tarts by combining lemonade-flavored filling with pink frosting and crunchy pink-and-yellow sprinkles. You’ll have to wait for April of 2016. Perfect for a rainy day?

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