You Can Now Dye Your Hair “Pumpkin Spice” Red

We thought we'd already hit critical mass when it comes to the fall pumpkin-spice trend — especially after seeing it show up in Peeps, cereal, and even water. But now, it has invaded the beauty space, and not just in the form of masks or lip balms (though those exist, too). We're talking full-on hair color, as Cosmopolitan reports. While the name may be eye-roll-inducing, the shade itself is actually quite pretty. Laura Estroff, a head colorist at Kennaland salon in Brooklyn, told Cosmo that pumpkin-spice hair has "more copper undertones." (So it's basically copper on steroids.) Its sister color — "gingersnap" (cue the second eye roll) — is a deep brunette with red undertones. Sure, you can groan when you go to the supermarket and see pumpkin-spice gum for sale. But — and, we can't believe we're saying this — we dig it as a hair color. Just keep in mind that it's a little more high-maintenance than its latte counterpart. As far as pumpkin-spice-themed things go, though, this is one we're totally on board with.

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