These Hillary Clinton Scrunchies Are The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Photo: Petras Malukas/Getty Images.
Hillary Clinton's staff may have tried to "ban" her scrunchies during her tenure as Secretary of State, but it might be time for them to rethink that decision. Especially now that you can pick up that same hair accessory with the presidential candidate's face printed all over it. The new Hillary Scrunchies line was created by Morgan Gerard, 28, and Meredith Fineman, 26. According to, the hair accessories are 100% cotton, 100% feminist, and 100% made in the U.S.A. (because, obviously). "We're celebrating boss ladies and creating something positive," Fineman told Mashable. While the collection is a nod to Clinton's earlier penchant for the '90s accessory, Gerard and Fineman also hope it helps her gain the respect she deserves. "It was a giant 'fuck you' when people tried to riff on her for her appearance," Fineman continued. "She's called out for whatever she wears and, in 2015, I'm not sure if...criticism of what she wears is even fair. Why not take it back, and celebrate her?"
If Clinton really wants to reach millennial voters, a scrunchie comeback could be a step in the right direction — we all love that throwback '90s nostalgia. And now, the brand is expanding into bandanas as well. Plus, everyone can get in on the fun: "If you have a man bun, this is for you," Fineman told Mashable. "And if you're a dog? Tie your support with the bandana." You can pre-order the accessories now on the brand's site. Oh, and Michelle Obama bandanas and scrunchies — a.k.a. all we've ever wanted in life — are coming, too. As the site states: "Hair Up, Full Hearts — Can't Lose." Hear, hear.

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