Tom Hanks & Jimmy Fallon Put On A Stirring Rendition Of 'Kid Theater' On The Tonight Show

Stephen Lovekin/Variety/REX USA
Tom Hanks is, without a doubt, one of the best talk show guests out there. Whether he's re-creating all of his iconic movie roles in eight minutes with James Corden or pondering life's great mysteries with Stephen Colbert, the delightful T. Hanks is, well, a damn delight.

So it was no surprise that the beloved Hanksy made a memorable appearance when he stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday evening and performed the hilarious Bridge of Spies edition of Kid Theater with host Jimmy Fallon.

The Steven Spielberg-directed and Coen Brothers-penned drama is already earning raves, but to be honest, the versions of the film as thought up by kids (who knew nothing but the title) are downright inspired. Even more amazing? Oscar-winner Tom Hanks saying lines like "It's a bridge of spies! Go away! We're spying!" with a straight face and real conviction.

All three versions of the kid theater take on Bridge of Spies were mostly plots surrounding spies talking about how they are spies or how they want to be spies. And each one was more adorable and absurd than the next. Honestly, if the movie turned out to be just two hours of Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon playing a pair of goofy, binoculars-stealing spies who are also friends, you might as well just take our money now.

Watch Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon act out the Kid Theater take on Bridge of Spies here:


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