30 Times Your Favorite Kids Movies & TV Shows Were Way More Offensive Than You Remember

Nostalgia-watching is a favorite pastime of any film buff. Revisiting the movie or TV show you loved when you were 8 can transport you back to the mid-'90s in the best way. You can practically taste the Dunkaroos and Hi-C.
But sometimes, these blasts from the past are accompanied by uncomfortable realizations. The pop culture you loved when you were younger featured some seriously racist, sexist, or otherwise problematic moments. It's important to recognize that what we loved as kids might not have been as sweet or funny as we thought. Sometimes, the reason your parents tried to shield your eyes from certain flicks might have had more to do with the films' offensive ideas than adult content.
Let's hope that the next generation's onscreen favorites won't promote these kinds of damaging stereotypes. From the movies and TV shows aimed at adults that you caught after school to beloved Disney flicks, we've rounded up 30 deeply flawed pieces of pop culture.

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