Newlyweds Skip First Dance, Have Awesome Lightsaber Battle Instead

There are a number of ways to approach your first dance as newlyweds. You can opt for awkward swaying, or go with a highly choreographed number. Or, you can take it to the next level and have a Star Wars-themed lightsaber battle in front of your family and friends. Newlyweds Joey Pacheco and Robert Raven did just that.

Ditching the traditional dance routine, these Star Wars fans dueled with illuminated red and green lightsabers in front of their guests. Music from the Star Wars soundtrack played in the background as the two clashed for three full minutes on the dance floor.

Just when the groom appears to have the edge — with a few flourishes and twirls of his red lightsaber — the bride summons the Force like a true Jedi, and knocks the lightsaber right out of his hands.

Pacheco uploaded the video to YouTube with the caption “Our first fight.” The bride also posted a video of the couple’s ceremony, which took place last month.

The video ends with the bride and groom sharing a kiss. Watch the video below to see the battle. And may the force be with them!

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