Guess Who Was Supposed To Play Serena On Gossip Girl Instead Of Blake Lively?

Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages.
It's incredible to think that — in some parallel universe — the cast of Gossip Girl could have been lead not by Leighton Meester and Blake Lively but Rumer Willis and Ashley Olsen. No, seriously. That was almost a thing. Buzzfeed got the scoop on the many actors who were considered for roles on the show from a guy who knows all about it: casting director, David Rapaport. Over the years, Rapaport has helped choose up-and-comers for parts on CW shows like 90210, Arrow, The Flash, and — of course — Gossip Girl.“There are maybe 50 people who make that final decision — studio, network, producers," he explained. "[S]o even though I think I have the right actor for the role, it is always a process to get them cast." "I kind of have to fall in love with all these people I cast because I need to assume the world is also going to fall in love with them." He continued, "I have to see that ability in them and I fell in love with each and every one of these actors for what they brought to the character.” For the first time, Rapaport spilled details on the other stars who were in the running for different roles on Gossip Girl, including Ashley Olsen and Rumer Willis, who he remembers the network suggesting early on. The rest of the gang was up in the air, too. Ed Westwick, who played Blair's beau Chuck Bass, originally read for the role of Nate, which ultimately went to Chace Crawford. And there are plenty of other surprises where those came from — get the full inside scoop on who could have played who at Buzzfeed. Imagine a world where Blake Lively didn't get her big break as America's favorite Upper East Side high school debutante. Bizarre, right?

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