It's A '90s Dream When Romy Finally Meets The Real Inventor Of Post-Its

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX USA
It's been 18 years since the endlessly endearing (and surprisingly sage) former high school misfits Romy and Michele told a little white lie at their high school reunion about inventing a certain ubiquitous office supply, and Mira Sorvino is still having to explain herself.

Appearing on HuffPost Live earlier this week to chat about her new independent film, Chloe & Theo, the Academy Award-winning actress is surprised with a Skype appearance from Art Fry, the actual inventor of Post-its, and she wastes no time dropping into her now-classic Romy voice to officially apologize for her character's false claims: "Okay, Art, sorry I stole your idea, okay?"

"Sorry if I've stolen your thunder," Sorvino laughingly greeted the inventor, who went on to thank the actress for laying claim to his idea, saying, "When I go to my class reunions, they all just ask me about you guys!" (Ah, the circle of life.)

Shooting the now cult classic "was probably the most fun I ever had on a set," Sorvino told host Nancy Redd. "We were cracking each other up and trying hard not to laugh between scenes because [our characters] were such [abject] idiots, but then there was a lot of love between us." That's just how we always imagined it would be, Romy. It doesn't matter who's really the Mary, and who is the Rhoda.

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