These High-Tech Vaginal Rings Give You Fertility Info & More

Photo: Courtesy of Prima-Temp.
There's a new ring on the market for women, and it doesn't go on your finger (think much further south). It's already catching attention everywhere — even, reports Motherboard, in the military. The technology, which debuted earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, consists of a medical-grade silicone ring full of high-tech sensors. It sits inside of you the way a NuvaRing might (without the hormones). From there, the ring can measure your internal temperature pretty much constantly — and you can keep track of it with an accompanying app. This is helpful if you're wondering about your fertility, which usually requires faithfully monitoring your basal temperature every day, along with several other bodily clues. So, being able to get those measurements this easily is a pretty appealing idea. But, the rings aren't exactly cheap. Each one will cost $150 (though you can snag one for $99 through the just-launched indiegogo campaign), and you'll need a new one every month. The ring follows other "quantified vagina" devices, which tend to feel pretty unnecessary. But unlike devices such as the KGoal, the Priya just chills out inside of you; it's not trying to "train" you. Aside from the fertility monitoring, Priya may also be able to give you a heads-up if you're about to suffer from heat stroke. It's that capability the military is allegedly interested in, according to Motherboard. But even if you're more interested in bedroom action than the front-line kind, Priya could be an enticing option in the very near future.

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