This Downton Abbey Spoiler Will Put A Big Goofy Smile On Your Face

Image via ITV.
We feel compelled to remind you not once, not twice, but three times: The following information contains spoilers that could compromise your viewing experience of Downton Abbey season 6. Don't read this if you don't want to know a major plot resolution of the final season in the series. Last time: Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you don't want to know anything huge about what's coming around the bend in Downton Abbey. Now that we have that out of the way: Blessed news! We now know what's going on with the nuptials of a certain middle sister from the series. A pamphlet was left behind in an Oxfordshire church used to film a pivotal scene in the series, revealing the names of two characters who got hitched, along with the prayers and hymnals recited and sung during the ceremony. The bride is the one-and-only Lady Edith, who was apparently wed to a man named "Herbert." Could Herbert be Bertie Pelham, the handsome agent of Brancaster Castle who asked Edith to dance during season five's Christmas special? There were some very polite sparks flying between those two way back when — so hopefully that nascent romance has bloomed into a fully-stoked fire. No firm details yet but you can bet we'll be keeping an eye out. You never know when someone's going to leave a revelatory pamphlet in a church pew, revealing the plot details to one of our favorite period dramas.

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