This Baby Trying To Get Out Of Bed Is All Of Us In The Morning

Photo: Cultura/Rex/REX USA.
You can get super creative when looking for a way to extend your stay in bed on chilly, early mornings. Maybe a trail of fuzzy blankets can line the icy path leading to the bathroom? Or, perhaps with a few small adjustments your comforter can become a robe?

However, whatever comfy creations you've thought up, they're not at all impressive in the face of this baby engineer. With limited motor skills, this infant sizes up his dilemma: sliding off two mattresses would cause serious infant injury. While most small children would jump straight to the cry-until-rescued phase, this kid went into problem-solving mode.

He slowly but steadily took some pillows off the bed and stacked them until they formed a nice landing pad. So, remember this inventive tot the next time a project seems too tough to tackle. If a baby can skip tears for action, you can too.

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