Miss Piggy Reminds Everyone What A Sausage-Fest Late Night TV Is

Photo: Courtesy of Vanity Fair/The Muppets.
Well, now there's at least one woman in Vanity Fair's dude-heavy portrait of the state of late night. She is, however, a Muppet.

Vanity Fair debuted the new version of the photo which features Miss Piggy sandwiched in between Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers. The image, Vanity Fair, noted "originated within the Muppets camp" and features Miss Piggy "showing the boys what real pork sausage looks like." Get it? Because she's a pig.

Miss Piggy does have her own nightly talk show in the context of the new ABC show The Muppets, and, according to Mashable, blamed Kermit for the fact that she wasn't included in the Vanity Fair feature from the get-go. (There has also been some notable pushback to the "Muppets: they are just as human as we are" advertising campaign for The Muppets.)

Still, no one, maybe save for Miss Piggy and The Muppets marketing team, was initially clamoring for the famous porcine lady to be included. We here at Refinery29 had bemoaned the fact that the image didn't feature Samantha Bee, whose show will debut on TBS in January, Chelsea Handler, who will have a talkshow on Netflix, or even Rachel Zoe, who is on Lifetime. After Vanity Fair revealed the altered image, Adam B. Vary tweeted: "Hi, @VanityFair. First, Miss Piggy is not real. Second, Samatha [sic] Bee and Chelsea Handler are real. Just FYI!"

And there's the rub. While including Piggy in the photo may cause a chuckle — and elicit some pork-related puns — it also sort of adds insult to injury. If the only woman present is a puppet that is voiced by a man, then there's definitely a problem.

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