Hear The Voice(s) That Won Over Gwen, Pharrell, Adam & Blake

Photo: Courtesy of NBC Universal.
Last night's episode of blind auditions was the night of four-chair turn arounds. Here are the notable knockout voices that demanded attention from all of the coaches:

1. Krista Hughes: This self-professed country gal from Coal City, WV, never even thought she'd see L.A. in her lifetime, let alone perform for the likes of Gwen Stefani and Pharrell. Backstage, Krista's adorable grandfather — who, along with her grandmother, raised her and nurtured her love for singing — knew from the get-go that Krista had the goods. "All four chairs are going to turn, and if they don't, they can't hear!" her Gramps declared. No surprise here, but Krista joined team Blake — which means the country king finally got a team member rocking cowgirl boots!
2. Viktor Királi: This pop and R & B singer took the stage by storm with his smooth-as-hell sound. New York-born Királi, who currently lives in Budapest, is already in regular rotation on Hungarian radio. His soulful, honey-smooth voice threw off the judges, or at least one of them. "That guy is white!" Blake said in disbelief when he turned around. "He's white!!" (Um, yep!) All the coaches agreed that it's a safe bet they'd be seeing Királi in the finale — yeah, he's that good — but lucky Adam snagged the contender.
3. Cole Criske: Consider Criske a greener, less obnoxious John Mayer. The California native — whose father was killed by a drunk driver — locked eyes with Gwen while singing Mayer's "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" in perfect pitch. Criske hails from the same California town as Blake's first season semi-finalist Xenia; he followed suit and joined the country mafia.
4. Andi & Alex: These blonde twins put on a stripped-down, understated, and perfectly harmonized rendition of Dido's iconic "Thank You." The Wisconsin natives got a standing ovation, earning glowing reviews from everyone. Adam said it best, calling them "one of the most perfectly fitting duos I've ever heard." His praise locked the pair down.

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