60 Head-To-Toe-Amazing Street Style Snaps From Milan Fashion Week

Italians have a taste for the best things in life — pasta, wine, and shoes to name a few. (They make some of the best of the best, too.) But, somewhere in between endless carb-loading and shopping, the attendees at this Milan Fashion Week brought major style game to the streets, and there was no shortage of snap-worthy details worn from head to toe. When you get dressed in the morning, it's easy to want to let one item be the focal point of your outfit, while the rest of the get-up fades into the background. The street style in Milan went for a "more is more" approach, instead. Forget the "one statement item" rule — there are enough statements in each of these looks to turn outfits into sartorial manifestos.
The photos ahead will school you in creating an outfit that's photogenic from every angle and every crop — because no matter what part of your ensemble gets snapped in a street style photographer's pic, the result should be a total money shot.