Katie Stevens Thinks Women Are Expected To "Fake It"

Photo: Rob Latour/REX USA
Katie Stevens, star of MTV's Faking It, understands the pressure society puts on women to put more than their best face forward. She was upfront about her beauty aids on the red carpet, telling us, "I'm the first one when I'm on a red carpet to say, when people ask — because I'm on Faking It — 'Have you ever faked anything?' I say, 'I'm faking my tan out of a bottle from CVS, I have fake eyelashes on, I'm really a dark brunette.'"

But she went beyond her beauty routine to talk about the pressure on all women to "fake it." She explained, "Even as women, aren't we 'faking it' all the time? We put makeup on our faces. But then if we weren't faking it, we'd get called out for faking it. And then if we're not faking it, we get, 'Why didn't you do something with yourself?'"

She makes a good point— reblogs and tweets of guys upset that women "trick them" with makeup have become so ubiquitous that a web comic circulated last week poking fun at the ridiculous idea that makeup is a tool of deceit, instead of something society has programed us to think is necessary. Maybe with more and more people speaking out about unattainable beauty standards, there will be less pressure to "fake it."

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