Watch A Clip From This Hilarious Twilight Spoof

Twilight is so 2000 and late. Nickelodeon already anticipated you're over it and they've got a Halloween treat in the works: a Twilight spoof! The film, called Liar Liar Vampire looks like a mix of Twilight and My Fair Lady, where a high school girl takes the new guy under her wing and together they convince the popular kids that he's a vampire. That's certainly one way to get the girl. This faux vampire appears to do all the things a certain guy named Robert Cullen does: he sparkles in the sunlight! He's pale! He floats instead of walking! He's got really huge hair...wait, that's not a vampire thing. Trouble ensues when the most popular girl in school tells everyone that he's going to turn her into a vampire and invites them all to watch. Ew. Liar Liar Vampire premieres on October 12 at 7PM ET. It stars Brec Bassinger from Bella and the Bulldogs and Rahart Adams from Every Witch Way. We are definitely warming up the couch for this one.

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