5 Moments From Lady Gaga Videos That Belong In American Horror Story: Hotel

Lady Gaga will be starring in the latest installment of American Horror Story: Hotel (aka the show most likely to turn your "Netflix and chill" into "Netflix in a ring of salt"). AHS: Hotel, which premieres October 7, will be the leader of the Little Monsters' first major television role. But she's had plenty of screen time in her way creepier than you remembered music videos (seriously, I knew "Bad Romance" was eerie, but "Poker Face?"). Maybe she can loan some of her looks, locations, or special effects to AHS?
Any half decent creepy hotel has to have a pool, right? And I feel like health and safety regulations will be lax enough so that they won't close it due to a lightning storm or ominous looking dogs.
A fancy room and a super chill murder—already sounds like a scene summary from AHS.
This would obviously be the luxury suite. And the all white motif would look all the more striking when it's inevitably blood-splattered.
Because AHS does love to add a touch of glam to a twisted grisly murder. Or sometimes a glam ghost, post-grisly murder. Also, Beyoncé should make a guest star appearance.
Yes, the video takes place at a house party, but this is totally creepy old hotel wallpaper.

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