Britney Spears Is Good At Pranks, Scary In Job Interviews

Working for Britney Spears seems like one of those life experiences you should have before settling down or, say, writing a memoir about your crazy career. Does it really seem so far-fetched that the pop star would step into your job interview and introduce herself by saying, "It's Britney, bitch"? We pretty much assumed that was her standard greeting for walking into a room, anyway. In this case, however, it's all part of Spears' prank for Neil Patrick Harris' new show, Best Time Ever. Harris arranged for the singer to conduct job interviews with three potential bodyguards, all the while secretly taking instructions from him and, naturally, Joe Jonas. Spoiler: It's pretty random. Watch the clip below to see Spears get super-demanding with her wannabe employees. She juggles, she wants kisses, she's got attitude. So, if we can handle all that, do we get the job? Seriously, we'd hang up corsets in Vegas, babysit the kids, make Cheeto runs, whatever.

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