Did You Love Your Favorite Show Before The Netflix Masses?

Photo: MediaPunch/REX USA.
The battle to be the biggest superfan is intense. We all secretly think we're the most devoted viewer of Orange Is the New Black. But, how many episodes of the Netflix series did you watch before you were hooked? If your answer is two or less, you're obviously more of a superfan than the average Netflix viewer.

Netflix has released stats on how far the average viewer gets into a series before deciding to stick around for all of season 1. Those who start Breaking Bad seem to decide to go all in after just two episodes, while How I Met Your Mother viewers usually watch about eight before committing (obviously, the poor souls haven't heard about the finale). Netflix also examined the data for Grace and Frankie, Mad Men, and several other shows you've spent days of your life on.

Of course, if we're going to define "hooked" as finishing the first season, how do we classify viewers who finished all the seasons (twice)? Or the ones who've spent most nights since composing elaborate fan fiction? We guess more rabid devotees are the subject for another Netflix study. (E! News)

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