Benedict Cumberbatch Had The Perfect Response To Mean Tweet Comparing Him To A Cat Butt

Photo: Richard Young/Rex/REX USA.
We clearly need to buy a new calendar, because our current one says nothing about it being Mean Tweets Week. All week, Jimmy Kimmel Live will be bringing celebrities out on stage to read the nasty comments internet trolls write about them. How awkward. How entertaining. Kimmel kicked the public humiliation off with appearances from Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell, and British national treasure Benedict Cumberbatch. One by one, the actors read aloud the cruel online taunts. "Am now convinced Jeff Bridges is a crazy fucker and not in a cool way," Bridges read. "Just in a disturbed hobo shouting at sparrows on sidewalks way." From Bell: "Kristen Bell seems like such a bitch, her vagina is probably an Alcatraz for penis." Harsh. But, what could anyone possibly have to say about the man who made Sherlock into a sex symbol? "If you find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive, I'm guessing you'd also enjoy staring directly at a cat's anus," the actor read out. His response? "Well, someone did, and she put a ring on it," the newly minted father and husband shot back, showing off his wedding band. Nice work, B.C. We're awarding extra points for a Beyoncé-themed burn. Better luck next time, Twitter meanies. Watch Cumberbatch's comeback below.

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