4 Reasons We Want To See I Am Cait Picked Up For A Second Season

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BuzzFeed has fans of I Am Cait excited with reports of a second season, though E! has not yet confirmed a sophomore outing for the series. The show's loyal audience — as well as people who have never caught an episode — have plenty of reasons to hold out hope that I Am Cait will be back. Here's why we'd love to see the groundbreaking series continue. 1. Representation Matters
As people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and many advocates have repeated over and over again, TV needs to better reflect the diversity of its audience. Transgender representation has improved over the last few years, with breakthroughs like trans actress Laverne Cox's star-making turn on Orange Is the New Black and trans actor Tom Phelan's role on The Fosters. But frequently, trans roles are played by cisgender performers (like Jeffrey Tambor on Transparent). Keeping I Am Cait on the air means one more transgender voice on TV.
2. Beyond The Fanfare
Jenner received a ton of recognition and a number of accolades for coming out in the public eye, and they were warranted. But it's important for Jenner to continue telling her story even after some of that initial attention dies down. By keeping I Am Cait around, Jenner can become just another woman on a reality show, treating audiences to glimpses of arguments with her friends and other mundane activities — she doesn't need every aspect of her public life to be defined by her gender identity.
3. Resolutions
Season 1 of I Am Cait saw plenty of drama, most notably Khloé Kardashian confronting Jenner about her comments on Kris Jenner in Vanity Fair. It would be nice to see how Caitlyn's relationships with her family continue to evolve as her transition becomes just another part of everyday life.
4. Airtime For More Trans Men & Women
I Am Cait presented an unprecedented platform for airing stories from all corners of the transgender community beyond Jenner's own. Notable personalities who appeared in the first season are actress Candis Cayne and author Jennifer Finney Boylan. Another installment of the series would offer that much more opportunity for an array of transgender voices to speak about their experiences.

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