The Best Trump Jokes At The 2015 Emmys

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Last night was a big one for Game of Thrones, Veep, Jon Hamm, Viola Davis, and, well, Donald Trump at the Emmy Awards. No, Trump didn’t win anything at the ceremony, but he was a frequent topic of conversation onstage. Andy Samberg kicked things off in his monologue with a simple — but no less funny — gag about the Republican presidential candidate, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus used Trump's words to highlight just how close her show Veep is to real life. And the Trump talk wasn't limited to the broadcast. Jon Stewart, whose Daily Show won several big prizes, was reportedly asked backstage whether he would come back to the show if Trump won the presidential race. Stewart, according to Variety, said he "would consider getting in a rocket and going to another planet, because clearly this planet’s gone bonkers." Here, you can read many of the best Trump jokes from the Emmys. Andy Samberg’s Monologue
Samberg threw out a decisive Trump joke in his opening monologue: “Donald Trump, of course, is running for president, to the delight of uncles everywhere," Samberg said. "But I’ve got to say, sure, Donald Trump seems racist…[pause] What else?” To be fair, though, Samberg's Trump joke wasn't as good as his quip that combined Paula Deen on Dancing With the Stars with infamous Kentucky wedding clerk Kim Davis. Watch below.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Acceptance Speech
Perpetual winner Louis-Dreyfus often turns pomp and circumstance into something a little more irreverent. Remember when she went all Selina Meyer and had Tony Hale as her bag man onstage? Or when she made out with Bryan Cranston? Last night, she took aim at Trump. “I think it would be appropriate at this moment to quote our political satire Veep: ‘What a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight,’” she began. “Oh, no, no, I’m so sorry. Donald Trump said that. I’m sorry. It’s getting trickier and trickier to satirize this stuff.”
Key & Peele’s Presentation of the Reality-Competition Program Award
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele made only an allusion to Trump, aiming more generally at the Republican slate of candidates as they introduced the nominees for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. Peele began by saying, “There is one category of television that allows us as a society to sit back and enjoy the simple spectacle of reality.” Key continued, “A strange reality where people can’t seem to say two words without throwing each other under the bus.” Peele added, “A reality where a panel of millionaires fight like sharks to be chosen by average middle-class Americans.” Key concluded, “And a reality where nobody is there for the right reasons.” Then Peele said, “But enough about the Republican national debate.” It’s worth noting that Trump has twice been nominated in this category for The Apprentice — and twice lost. The Inside Amy Schumer Writing Staff’s Intro for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series
The staff of Inside Amy Schumer brought the Trump jokes as the nominees for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series were listed. Each nominated writing staff got to deliver its own gag (the names of the Daily Show writers, for instance, were listed while a loop played of Jon Stewart getting body-slammed by pro wrestler John Cena). The Schumer writers' faces were superimposed onto the bodies of women in photos with Donald Trump, and a Trump impersonator read off the names of “Schumer idiots.” When fake-Trump got to the show's host, he announced her as “that bimbo Amy Schumer.”

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