This Pixar Supercut Will Reduce You To A Quivering Pile Of Mush

Want to relive the sob-fests of Toy Story 3 and the finale of Six Feet Under — at the same time? Grab some tissues and press play. As MTV News reports, film editor and Pixar fan Lindsay McCutcheon made a supercut in honor of the studio's latest release, Inside Out. Given that film's focus on emotions, it only made sense to find Pixar clips showcasing a range of moods. Warning: The first one is sadness, is soundtracked by the most tear-jerking song of all time — Sia's "Breathe Me" — and features unbearably sad scenes from Toy Story, Cars, Wall-E, and the like. Someone hold us. Fortunately, the misery is short-lived as other emotions are celebrated as well. But, wait, why are we still crying? Oh, yeah. Happy tears. Sniff. Dammit. Well done to McCutcheon for giving us all the feels. In the words of frequent Pixar director Lee Unkrich, who tweeted the montage over the weekend, the "past 20 years of our lives are flashing before our eyes."

OPENER IMAGE: Courtesy Pixar/Disney.

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