Pup Quiz! Jimmy Fallon Makes Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Cry On The Tonight Show

Photo: Courtesy of NBC Universal/Getty Images
One of the highest-paid TV actresses in the biz, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, stopped by The Tonight Show this evening. The Big Bang Theory star chatted about prepping for her big Shape cover shoot (her diet secrets included: egg whites, almonds, and air. Yummy!) and the merits of selfie-roids in the age of hacking. Yes, that's a thing now, and it's exactly what it sounds like. But that was just a lead-up to the main event: Pup Quiz, a.k.a. the happiest, furriest game in the world. How to play: Grab a famous friend, two cushy leather recliners, and eight insanely adorable golden retriever puppies to be doled out like Jeopardy points by the Vanna White of dog handlers. Given what was at stake, it's understandable that emotions ran high between avid dog-lover Cuoco-Sweeting and host Fallon. Cuoco-Sweeting could barely contain herself — there were definitely real tears of joy coming out of here eyes. Things really got heated up, when the competitors entered the tense Double Puppardy Round. In the end, Cuoco-Sweeting was the top dog — while Fallon got nipped in the face. No, really. Also, props to the show's researcher who came up with the impossibly random animal trivia questions, like this zany stumper: "Which of these recording artists does not have a species of wasp named after them?" A. Shakira; B. Madonna; C. Lady Gaga. Watch the segment below to find out for yourself — or, you know, just fawn over the golden talent.

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