New Taylor Swift Meme Mocks The Singer’s Love Of Copyrights

Photo: Rex/REX USA
Swifties love Taylor Swift. But like a real BFF, they aren't above poking fun at the star. While Taylor's fans know better than to participate in the sexist mocking of Swift's list of ex-boyfriends, they aren't above mocking her love of copyrights. Swift made headlines in January for trademarking "this sick beat." She also received some recent pushback on Twitter after there were allegations that those on her payroll sent a cease and desist letter to a podcast that quoted lyrics from "Wildest Dreams." So some users on Tumblr, a platform and community Swift has frequently referenced with affection, have created a new meme in Swift's litigious honor.
The meme sources Swift's lyrics in everyday conversations, as if the writers were concerned Swift's fleet of lawyers might descend on them just for saying "22." Hopefully Swift will like the meme as much as she appreciated Becky. Possible Halloween costume inspiration?

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