This Guy Took 6 Months To Make A Sandwich From Scratch

This might be the most epic DIY ever. As a project for How To Make Everything, Andy George went through the hassle of making his own sandwich entirely from scratch. The recipe started off with growing a garden, harvesting ocean water for salt, making salt, and making pickles. Eventually it escalated to milking a cow, making cheese and butter, and yes, killing and de-feathering a chicken. Then, and only then could Andy even start assembling his meal. Total number of steps: 16. Total cost: $1500. The result: "Not bad." While six months is tens of thousands of times longer than it typically takes a person to make a chicken sandwich, this experiment definitely proved a point. What you get in a grocery store is produced after months of work and production, and the cost that goes into producing a tiny fillet of chicken is much higher than you might think. Makes you think twice before throwing out some ugly tomatoes. Watch the entire process below.

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