Tom Hardy’s Old MySpace Photos Are Hilarious & Kind Of Hot

We've got some news for you, in case you were afraid of running out of ways to love Tom Hardy. (Not possible, but still.) The Mad Max: Fury Road star, feminist, and dog champion has no shame when it comes to those awesome MySpace photos of him that recently resurfaced. While most of us cower in shame at the very thought of those old-school social networking days, Hardy is wearing his memories (and those tighty-whities) like a badge of honor. In an interview with the U.K.'s The Independent, Hardy addressed the photos in question, stating, "I've got no shame about my MySpace photos, especially the one of me in my underpants, which is a glorious photo of a man in his natural habitat." We concur, Tom, we concur. The actor continued, "In my tighty-whitey budgie smugglers. In America, they say, ‘You should be ashamed of this,’ but I’m actually not remotely ashamed — that is me in my natural habitat, thank you. I might not be an Adonis, but I like to think of myself as an Adonis in that photo.” Again, we concur, Tom. In case you needed a refresher of the MySpace pics in question, here are a few gems courtesy of some fine folks on Twitter to jog your memory/make your day.
Oh, Tom, you definitely would have made our top eight.

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