Watch Caitlyn & Kris Jenner’s Emotional First Meeting

Photo: James White/E! Entertainment.
Even though I Am Cait is about Caitlyn Jenner's journey, there's one moment E! has definitely been hyping since the show began. That's right: Caitlyn's "confrontation" with her former spouse Kris Jenner. It's being held until the season finale, of course, although it's been teased throughout the season. Kris' visit to Caitlyn's home will appear in the episode that airs on September 13, but E! has released a clip of the meeting ahead of the occasion. It is, of course, an emotional event. The former couple are parents to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and they've agreed to meet so that their children don't feel any tension or caught between their parents. Before the meeting, Caitlyn tells the cameras that she's nervous and is sure that it's going to be difficult. When she opens the door, the first thing Kris does is compliment Caitlyn's shoes. Caitlyn prepares a plate with cheese and fruit. Then, they sit down on opposite couches and get ready for a serious discussion. "So..." Caitlyn says. That's when the clip cuts off. What, did you expect E! to give us all the goods in a sneak peek clip? Yeah, right. We already know from another trailer the network released a few weeks ago, that the meeting ends with Kris in tears. It's bound to be an emotional event. You can watch Caitlyn and Kris meeting for the first time below and see the whole thing unfold on the episode of I Am Cait on Sunday, September 13.

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