New SNL Cast Member Jon Rudnitsky Under Fire For Controversial Tweets

Have the casting people over at Saturday Night Live learned nothing? They caught so much flak (rightly so) last year for their lack of diversity, which they began to make right by hiring talents like Sasheer Zamata and Leslie Jones. So how did they combat that still-prevalent issue for the upcoming 2015-2016 season? By hiring another young, white male. This time around it's Jon Rudnitsky, who caught the internet's attention with his very funny House of Cards parody. Even more telling is that SNL didn't take a cue from The Daily Show, who learned the hard way during the Trevor Noah debacle that you should probably, maybe, definitely check your new guy's Twitter history. Case in point: the tweets that Gawker unearthed from Rudnitsky that read as downright sexist, racist, and homophobic. Here are some of the highlighted tweets — some of which are as recent as 2013:
Lest you forget his Vine knee-slappers, either:
Now, before the You're a Buzzkill Feminist Killjoy chorus chimes in, take a breather. We understand that this is America, dammit, and Rudnitsky has the right to do and say as he pleases, but people have just as much a right to be put off by what he's saying. Even more, yeah, it is troublesome that this is someone who talks about women, minorities, and homosexuals in terms like this. No, not all of this comedian's humor is as crass or un-PC as this, but SNL had the chance to hire the very voices Rudnitsky talked down to with tweets and Vines like these. We'll definitely give the guy a chance for the upcoming 41st season of SNL, and maybe these tweets are a thing of the past, but it's still pretty damn disheartening.

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