This Mindy Project Blooper Reel Is The Laugh You Need Right Now

Photo: Courtesy Fox.
It's Thursday. It's taking every ounce of strength you have to soldier on make it through another workweek. You've watched the clock like a power forward trying to break a tie before the game goes into overtime.

A little break would help ease the pain. A little chuckle. A little Mindy Kaling. Say no more.

Behold, the short but sweet gag reel for the third season of The Mindy Project. Despite its heave-ho from Fox (and subsequent pick-up from Hulu), the sitcom proves that it can still crank out the laughs, even if most of the footage ends up on the cutting-room floor. Watch as the cast break character over fake tears, emojis, and saucy bedroom antics. See Ike Barinholtz lose his shit. Appreciate the loveliness that is Mindy Kaling. Say a silent prayer that TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes gets a reboot.

Most importantly, mark your calendar for September 15, when season 4 gets underway. It's been far too long.

Video: Courtesy Fox.

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