Cutesy Couple Re-creates Tangled Scene — Super Romantic Or Painfully Cheesy?

Tangled doesn't get enough love. The charming Rapunzel tale only got to bask in the glow of the Disney princess spotlight for a couple of years before Frozen came along and obliterated everything in its path. (And here you thought that movie was soooo innocent. It is merciless. It will not stop.) Well, one couple is passing over the shivery behemoth and making damn sure that Tangled finally gets its credit as a delightful and romantic story. The attractive, Disney-esque couple in question — Peter and Evynne Hollens — uploaded a video in which they recreate the "I See the Light" sequence from the 2010 animated flick, elaborate fairy-tale costumes, questionable Flynn Rider facial hair, and all. The couple is actually singing the tune (no lip-syncing here), which was originally performed by Tangled stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. The ode will likely win over fellow Disney enthusiast and baffle all other adults who wonder where these two found the time to do this. No matter which category you fall into, aren't we all just a bit relieved that it's not another "Let It Go" video? Watch the couple's Tangled tribute below.

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