This Couple Perfectly Re-created The Simpsons' Kitchen

A couple in Canada has decided to re-create the kitchen from The Simpsons, taking design cues from Marge herself. From the gray-and-yellow tiled floor to the corncob-patterned curtains, and yes, even contact-paper covered appliances and counters — these folks went all out. Lisa would approve of such detail-oriented work.

"My significant other and I wanted to do a retro-vation," Marcia Andreychuk told CBC. "We wanted to keep the old, make it new — and one day we had this bizarre, bizarre idea. Why don't we just take what we already have and turn it into The Simpsons' kitchen?"

Luckily, the kitchen that Andreychuk shares with her beau Joel Hamilton has the same structure as Marge's, so all they had to do was match the patters and colors.

Andreychuk made the corncob curtains herself ("Who wouldn't want corncob curtains?" she asks), covered the appliances, cupboards, and counters with contact paper, and added bright blue doorknobs to the cupboards. In the meantime, the two mega-fans are on the lookout for retro-looking, olive-green appliances. The orange, purple, and olive-green color scheme might make many a designer wince, but if you watch every single episode of The Simpsons every year (as Hamilton does), the hues probably feel just like home.

Next up on the to-do list: Turning their basement into Moe's Tavern.

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