11 Of Our Favorite Fictional Nannies — Proving They’re Not All Bad News

For some reason that escapes us at the moment, we're finding ourselves having so many conversations about nannies these days. Evil nannies, nannies that steal husbands, nannies that give us nightmares, and sexy nannies. Why, it's almost as though nannies are getting a bad name (not that we would ever name certain hard-to-pronounce names). But, we can't let go of the nannies we adore — even if they are fictional. These hard-working, beloved nannies helped raise us, through the great advice and examples they dispensed in movies and on TV.
You might one day have to worry about marrying someone who's easy on the eyes but hard on the heart, who puts the moves on a young woman helping out your family. But these amazing fictional caregivers would never stand for such a thing. They're not all perfect (we're looking at you, Rebecca De Mornay), but they are the very best at what they do.
From the governesses of turn-of-the-century England to the college-aged sitters of the Upper East Side, these are the best nannies in film and TV history. Prepare to be awash in fond memories.

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