You Won’t Believe Who The Second Most Disliked Celebrity Is (Yes, Cosby Is #1)

Photo: MediaPunch/REX USA
If show business is just one big popularity contest, we know a few stars who are definitely losing. Q Scores is a company that measures what Americans like, and don't like, and their latest roundup includes celebrities.

Using the negative Q Score data, The Hollywood Reporter has come up with the ten celebs whose stars have fallen the most over the last two years. Some names appearing on this list are no surprise, like the number one spot being taken by Bill Cosby, and Robin Thicke coming out at number four.

However, some are more thought-provoking, like Miley Cyrus hanging out at number eight (I guess for every "Wrecking Ball" fan there's a handful who don't appreciate her general tongue-out ascetic). Scrubs alum Judy Reyes is also a star who probably doesn't seem like an obvious choice for the list, though The Hollywood Reporter notes, "Reyes simultaneously experienced a big change in her positive Q Score rating (21 points) suggesting her appearance on the show [Devious Maids] has been polarizing, with large portions of adult Americans either liking or disliking her." Ouch.

But possibly the most surprising of all is Ariana Grande's spot at number two. Grande's fans, it would appear, really care about patriotism. Or, possibly, really want their donuts to remain un-licked.

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