Groom Sues Bride For Looking Different Without Makeup

Photographed By Maria Del Rio.
Wedding planning can be all-encompassing. There's the dress, the rings, the cake — or the doughnut bar — the venue, the guest list. And then there's the hair and makeup.

Brides-to-be, maybe don't spend too much time on your wedding makeup, because as this news story from around the world shows us, all that effort to look especially beautiful on your big day just might backfire on you in a ridiculously misogynistic way: An Algerian man took his new wife (not pictured) to court the day after their wedding ceremony, claiming that she had cheated him with makeup during their wedding and did not look the same without it the next day, Emirates 24/7 reports.

The groom, who is seeking $20,000 in damages for "psychological suffering," told the Algerian court that his brand-new bride looked so different without makeup the morning after their wedding that he could not recognize her, according to Algerian newspapers sourced by the site, and instead mistook her for "a thief who came to steal his apartment."

This lawsuit is obviously intense, and we'll be following it closely. We're hopeful that the bride is able to leave this marriage, as her new husband seems to value her looks above all else. But, we should all be aware that with the majority of marriages in the Northern African country of Algeria (where women are still considered minors, who need the consent of their fathers or husbands to do something as simple as work outside the home, according to UNICEF), it's sadly not surprising for a woman to be seen as little more than her appearance.

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