You May Be Able To Prevent Hangovers With…Asian Pear Juice?

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford.
Anyone who has lived through their 21st birthday (or 22nd, 25th, 30th, or...) knows this to be true: There are many, many hangover "cures" that simply do not do the trick. Suffice to say, between the countless bottles of Gatorade to the cautiously sipped morning-after Bloody Marys, people are getting desperate to find something, anything, that will ease the pain of a hangover. The most recent suggestion, resulting from research, done at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, might be the most obscure yet. Related: 8 Signs You're Drinking Too Much Alcohol Borne out of ongoing research on the health benefits of pears, scientists from the CSIRO have found that people experienced hangover symptoms to a lesser extent after drinking Asian pear juice. It sounds like a long shot, but pears impact certain enzymes in your body in such a way that you metabolize alcohol faster than you usually would. Of course, this is measured at about one drink every hour, which might not be how you imbibed on your 21st. Related: The Body-Altering Effects Of Alcohol Unlike other purported hangover remedies, you have to drink the juice before you start drinking for it to have any effect. Chugging Asian pear juice as you cradle your aching head the next morning won't do the trick. So if you're meeting for drinks after work, maybe consider a refreshing glass of Asian pear juice before heading on your way. Or if your plan is to get a bit more turnt than that, have we told you about the hottest new chaser around? Click through to Shape for more on Asian pear juice and what actually works to ease a hangover. (Shape) Related: 7 Healthy Boozing Tips From Bartenders

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