How To Live Like A Billionaire In New York City — For Free

Photo: Courtesy of One57.
The answer to living like a billionaire in New York City is simple: Find yourself a career that allows for elite access into the world of the rich and famous. While that job path would involve grueling hours dedicated to a life of investment banking or civil litigation, it's surprising to hear that working for one of the multi-million dollar apartment complexes popping up in Midtown Manhattan (or more specifically, the West 57th Street block near Central Park, which has aptly been named "Billionaire's Row"), could actually be your ticket into the lap of luxury. According to DNAInfo, resident managers at the newly-constructed, record-breaking condominiums are reportedly living almost as well as the building's #RichKidsOfNYC residents; They're not just receiving solid six-figure salaries, they're also shacking up in some of the nicest, multi-million dollar apartments — pro bono. Take the manager at the ubiquitous One57, the tower that broke the city's record for the most expensive residence sale, ever: a $125,000 yearly salary is just the icing on top of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom, $5.955 million castle in the sky. The time commitment, DNAInfo reports, is 40 hours a week and being "on call for emergencies day and night." Other luxe complexes nearby, like 220 Central Park South, 432 Park Avenue, and 53 West 53rd Street (a.k.a. the MoMA Tower), offer similar packages — which we say is a pretty sweet deal. And while very few of these dream jobs may be available, the most refreshing part is that we do not, in fact, need to be one of the world's 1,600 billionaires to actually shack up in an apartment that could easily be referred to as heaven on earth. All you really have to do is find an "in" with the buildings that will soon be running New York City — and a home 3.8 times as expensive as the average American residence (sayonara, studio apartment) could be yours.

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