This Machine Makes Fresh Pizza In 150 Seconds

When we think of vending machines, snacks like packaged cookies, potato chips, and stale candy come to mind — not necessarily items that scream "fresh." It's hard to know how said snacks were made, where they were produced, and how long they've been sitting behind the machine's glass front, tempting all of those who walk by. "Let's Pizza" shakes up those preconceived vending machine notions in a major way. Invented by Italian entrepreneur Claudio Torghele, "Let's Pizza" whips up fresh pies in just two and a half minutes for three euros (currently, the machines are only located in Italy and the U.K.). And when we say "whipped up" we mean whipped up — "Let's Pizza" mixes together fresh dough ingredients for each order, a process that users can watch through display windows. Once the base is created, it's layered with sauce and toppings, and cooked in an infrared oven until bubbly and delicious. The video below demonstrates "Let's Pizza" in action. The pizza patrons, writer W. Andrew Powell and his wife, confess that while the pie isn't the best one they've tasted, it's pretty damn good for a vending machine. Fresh pizza in 150 seconds — technology is a beautiful thing.

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