The Ultimate Diva Face-Off: Lady Gaga Vs. Naomi Campbell On AHS

Photo: Ray Tang/Rex/REX USA
American Horror Story: Hotel is going to get dark this season, according to series producer Ryan Murphy. "It’s… a little bloodier and grislier I think than anything that we’ve done before. It’s straight horror this year,” he recently told TVLine.

Could that have something to do with the fact that two of pop culture's fiercest divas — Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell — will be going head to head on the show? Only time will tell.

We learned that Gaga was joining this season of AHS as a series regular earlier this year, but the addition of Campbell — who has apparently recovered from the verbal smackdown she received from Cookie during her Empire stint — was officially announced this week. The iconic supermodel has signed on for a multiple-episode arc, playing a Devil Wears Prada-esque fashion editor who gets a dangerous taste of her own medicine.

Along with Lady Gaga, Campbell joins returning Horror Show cast members Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates. Lily Rabe will also be back — this time as a serial killer. While Murphy has said that Gaga is playing a straight acting role and this will not be a musically murderous season, the lid on what else to expect has been kept pretty tight. The series resumes in October: We suggest you take this time to re-watch Freak Show, develop some plot theories, and look for hidden clues about what's to come.

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