Channing Tatum Has Some Out-Of-This-World Ideas For Magic Mike 3

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Magic Mike XXL hasn't yet arrived in theaters (one might say it's coming soon...actually, the trailer and posters say that in the most euphemistic way possible), but people are already asking Channing Tatum about the possibility of a third. Does Tatum think this stripper story's got the glutes to turn this thing into a trilogy? He had this to say to Entertainment Weekly: "To be completely honest — as one of the people who helped write the things — someone else is gonna have to figure that out because it was really clear where the second one went...If people want a space movie, I’m happy to do that one." Now, there's an idea. Let's take the boys to space and see what sort of routines they come up with when they're finally freed from the confines of gravity. Actually, Tatum knows how things would go. "It wouldn’t hang down in space," he eloquently told EW. Costar Joe Manganiello wants to take Magic Mike 3: Champagne Room Supernova a little more highbrow, though. "If Christopher Nolan has an idea, please contact Channing," he said. How do we get this project off the ground? Does anyone have Christopher Nolan's number? (Entertainment Weekly)

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