Recall Alert! These Bottles Of Ranch Dressing Aren't What They Seem

Photo: Courtesy of Wishbone.
We typically associate recalls with a bacterial risk or an inedible contamination, but Wishbone is voluntarily recalling its ranch dressing over a bottling swap mishap. It seems the company accidentally filled bottles labeled "Ranch" with its Chunky Blue Cheese dressing instead.

I would be less than thrilled if I poured a generous portion of ranch on my salad only to realize it was blue cheese. (Blue cheese really freaks me out because it makes the reality that I'm actually eating mold a little too real.) But at first glance, the mix-up doesn't exactly scream health hazard. In fact, it's almost as if Wishbone is pulling a blue cheese-flavored prank on us all.

However, as it turns out, there is actually an important health risk to be aware of. Unlike ranch, blue cheese dressing contains eggs, an allergen, which is not disclosed on the "ranch" bottles in question. Consumers should watch out for 24-ounce bottles with a best if used by date of February 17, 2016 and UPC code 0-41321-00661-6.

If you purchased a rogue bottle of ranch, you can return it for the full price. Or if you're a blue cheese fan, dig in! (Delish)

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