A Complete Guide To Mark Ruffalo’s Sensitive Guy Characters

Mark Ruffalo is an Oscar-nominated actor, and his range is well-known. But there's a certain kind of role that just begs for a "Mark Ruffalo type." You know the one: the sensitive, overly emotional, middle-aged-but-still-scruffy, "aw, shucks" kind of dude who you would never consider dating until he brushes his hair aside in a certain sexy way. Yes, 13 Going On 30, we're thinking of you.
It's not that Ruffalo ever really plays the same character twice in his movies. All of his sensitive guy characters have entirely different sets of nuances, whether they're wavering on romantic commitment, feeling too many feelings about gay rights, or worried about a precocious daughter. It also doesn't hurt that he enjoys reading his favorite poem from time to time.
This summer, Ruffalo's Bruce Banner / Hulk is still smashing through theaters in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, we're about to see him play a bipolar father raising two daughters in 1970s Boston in Infinitely Polar Bear, opening June 19. In celebration of these quintessentially Ruffalo parts, we've ranked 15 of his most sensitive guy characters (in order of sensitivity, not movie quality, mind you). Warning: Use this as a guide to movie viewing, not as a measure by which to compare the men in your life.

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