Jack Antonoff May Be The Greatest Boyfriend, Ever

Video: Courtesy Google Play.
When a celebrity plays him or herself, it's hard to tell just how much is really them, or just a funny scripted riff on their image. Is Matt LeBlanc really a womanizing dolt? Does Bill Murray really regret Garfield? Is Jack Antonoff the awesome, totally devoted boyfriend he appears to be? Fingers crossed that the answer is yes. Lena Dunham's longtime lover is starring in Google Play's six-episode docu-style series, Thank You and Sorry, premiering on June 16. The show follows the rocker as he tours with Bleachers and interacts with celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Rosie Perez. Actual footage is mixed with scripted scenes, including this moment in which a band manager (played by actor Jason Mantzoukas) tries to encourage the loved-up Grammy winner into hooking up on the road.
"I can't cheat," Antonoff tells him in the clip above. "Even if I were emotionally equipped to cheat, if I could do that, if I could sink to that level or whatever, I couldn't even pull it off. I'd get caught." So, no, sneaking around backstage isn't a possibility. Antonoff does, however, worry about the chances of him having a"deep emotional connection" with an anonymous, tea-drinking lady in a sweater. "It's not a hookup, it's an emotional fantasy," he insists. Pretty sure Lena has nothing to worry about. If a mug of PG Tips tea and a wool jumper make him crumble, he wasn't worth it anyway.
OPENER IMAGE: Matt Baron/BeImages.

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