Should Bruce Jenner Lanes Change Their Names?

Photo via Google Maps
"I'm the new normal," Caitlyn Jenner declares in the trailer for her new docu-series on E!. Her children, while fully embracing her transition, might still be calling her "Dad." It's disrespectful for the rest of us to refer to her as anything but a woman named Cait. Now, what does that mean for the residents of the Bruce Jenner Lanes in Austin and El Paso, Texas, and Bruce Jenner Drive in Clarksville, Tennessee? This might seem trivial, but the actions people take will be revealing. Any time you name a place after a person, you take a risk that their image won't always remain the same it was when the street was first named. More so if that person is still alive when you do it. Should they change the street names to honor Jenner's wishes? Should they change it to something else entirely? "I don't think they should change the name, because the street was named after [Jenner when] he was an Olympian, and who he is now doesn't change who he was in the past," El Paso Bruce Jenner Lane resident Bianca Duran told an NBC affiliate. That's not exactly true, considering that Jenner has said she always felt this way, for as long as she remembers. But there's the other point: that changing street names is a giant hassle and cost. In Austin, where there's a Bruce Jenner Lane, at least half the residents of the street need to agree to the change legally. You could continue to honor Jenner just for her past accomplishments as Bruce. But just imagine if they did go through the process to change the streets to Caitlyn Jenner Lane. What a message of hope would that send to some teenager living in that city, or anywhere else in the world: This handful of people will see you the way you want to be seen; one day, everyone else will too.

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