This Is The Best Grocery Store Concept To Date

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Table via Facebook.
When I'm doing my weekly grocery shopping, I'm focused on getting everything on my list and then getting back home as quickly as possible. What I'm not thinking about? All the food at the store that will eventually get thrown out because of expiration dates or imperfections.

Americans waste a staggering amount of food each year — 35 million tons and $165 billion worth, to be exact. But, thanks to a newly launched supermarket concept from the ex-president of Trader Joe's, there might be a step in the right direction toward wasting less food and providing groceries to the public at a reduced price.

Doug Ranch, TJ's former president, came up with the idea after watching perfectly good food get tossed out just because it was nearing its expiration date, despite millions of people who couldn't afford to eat the healthy foods that were being thrown away. His new grocery store, called Daily Table, just opened this week in Boston and sells extra food or items that weren't purchased in time for typical grocery store standards.

Because of the slightly unorthodox method of sourcing the groceries at Daily Table, Ranch is able to offer the food at much lower prices. Shoppers can also find a rotating selection of prepared foods at reduced prices. If Daily Table is a success, Ranch hopes to expand the innovative grocery store model nationwide. (NPR / The Salt)

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