15 London Events This June, All For £10 Or Less

We hope you had an amazing Bank Holiday weekend, because there's not much more where that came from. We're not talking about long, lazy, three-day weekends. We're referring to the fact that your little getaway over the holiday has left your bank account running on fumes. Never mind — life's too short to regret spraying perfectly good champagne into a Marbella swimming pool, clearing out the duty-free, or totally overestimating the value of the pound on your European shopping spree.
The bad news? You're skint. The good news? You live in London, where, yes, it's quite possible to spend gazillions of pounds, but also just as easy to entertain yourself on very little money. Seeing Kanye at Glastonbury might be off-limits given your baller-on-a-budget status, but other concerts abound. Parties and foodie festivals, movie premieres and dance classes...they're all yours for the taking. The best part: many of them are free, and the rest won't cost you more than 10 quid.

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